Slope 3

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Hundreds of slopes are waiting for you in the Slope 3 game. Steer a ball through them! How long can you keep the ball safe in this endless race?

In this Slope game, your ball will move at a high speed. It just moves forward without changing direction. So, it can encounter danger at any time. You will navigate it to avoid incoming obstacles. The road isn't smooth because it has many deadly slopes. Moreover, you must keep the ball in the middle of the way every time. Otherwise, it will fall into the dangerous galaxy.

What you have to face in Slope 3

There aren't monsters or spikes, but this game contains more hazardous objects. They are pink neon blocks that can break your ball into pieces. Cleverly control your balls past them without touching them. Sometimes, there are boost blocks that can push your ball. At that time, the ball will move at a crazy speed. This speed also is one of the issues you have to solve. Do you have enough quickness to conquer this game?

The rules to success

You love arcade games and Tiny Fishing or Fisherman Life are your favorites. When you come to this Slope 3 game, it is a challenge for you. The gameplay is easy, but staying safe for a long time is extremely difficult. Follow some rules to conquer it!

Take a quick look at incoming paths

The paths of this road won't be connected. Sometimes, the ball makes an automatic jump to reach the next path. It's better to understand the next terrain and have a suitable strategy.

Avoid being disturbed

You should turn off the notifications if you play on mobile. From that, you can concentrate on playing this game. You just ignore the ball's direction for one second, the game may end.