Snake Game

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Control a snake to eat as many apples as possible in Snake Game. This is a multiplayer game, so you can compete with many players in the world.

Be careful of other snakes

You will lose in a snake world where you only have snakes and food. You need to use your control skill to collect apples. The other snakes also are very hungry, so they can attack each other. You should be careful. Are you scared of snakes? You can move to catch fish in Fisherman Life or you even can join the war in Stick Defenders.

Eat apples to grown-up

In this Snake Game, apples can lengthen the snake's size. A snake that eats lots of apples can be very huge and long. Just control your snake through the apples to eat them. Besides apples, bombs, and poison also appear along the way. Any snakes will die as soon as they touch the bombs. The poison reduces the snake's length. So, it's better to avoid these items.

The rules to success in Snake Game

This game is considered as an easy game, but you also note some things. To conquer this game and become the king of the snake world, it's better to follow these rules.

Practice before joining the official match

You should play practice mode if you don't understand how to control. From that, you can improve your skills. When you are confident to face real opponents, you can press the "play" button on the main menu.

Follow the stats on the screen

You can see a mini-map and a leaderboard while playing this Snake Game. You can define the opponent's position on the mini-map and know your rank in the leaderboard. Can you be on top of this leaderboard? We are waiting for your answer!