Red Bounce Ball

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The adventure of the red ball

Red Bounce Ball shows you an interesting journey and you will play an important role in this game. You need to help the ball to reach the end of the road.

Adventures are always a hot topic in online games. You can have an exciting adventure with a blacksmith in Jacksmith or a dangerous journey with a ninja in Dead Land Adventure 2. Now I will introduce a completely new character in this game. Transform into a red ball to move. With a round shape, you will have a hard time moving. When on slopes, the ball can even move on its own.

Roll to the finish line in the Red Bounce Ball

To be able to pass a level, your character must go all the way to that level. Of course, difficulties are ahead.

Be careful of the square

Square monsters will appear along the way. They are ready to attack anyone who approaches them. You can jump over them or kill them by jumping on them. Don't let them actively touch your character.

Jump over traps

Sharp spikes can puncture your shadow hero. So stay away from them. In addition, if the character falls into a cliff or water, the game will also end. By all means keep the character safe. Notice how many hearts you have left.

Collect stars

The scattered stars along the way will be what you need. You can exchange new skins with these stars. When going through the roads, do not forget the red flags. Going through them will help you save game data if you lose a life.