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Jacksmith is about a blacksmith who can make the strongest weapons. He travels around to rescue the princess from the monster and create powerful weapons.

Do you know a blacksmith? This game is the adventure of a blacksmith. The princess has been kidnapped and the king offers a large reward for the person who saves the princess. Our blacksmith is in need of money, so he decided to join this journey. Along the way, he will help warriors create the most powerful weapons. Naturally, he would still have to follow the warriors' orders for weapons.

Things to do in Jacksmith

You will have two main missions in this game. The most important task is to create weapons for the warriors. Next, you will come to the battle with monsters.

Weapon forging

This game will have many different weapons like swords, bows, axes, etc. Each different weapon will have a different way of making it. Can't remember the steps to make a weapon? Don't worry ; you will be given specific instructions immediately.

Battle takes place

You will not directly participate in the battles in Jacksmith. You will be outside and collect the items dropped from the monsters. Warriors will use your weapons to destroy these dangerous creatures. The stronger the weapon you create, the more victories your warriors will achieve. This game has the same developer as Papa's Burgeria. However, instead of making weapons, you will make delicious burgers.