Dead Land Adventure 2

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Play as a skillful ninja

You will turn into a ninja in Dead Land Adventure 2. You must reach the exit door at the end of the road. Of course, you need some items to unlock these doors.

Ninjas have always been people with extraordinary abilities. In this game you will own those abilities. Now you are lost in a strange land where there is only death. The zombies have invaded this place. Let's go back to earth. The skills of a ninja will be promoted in this world. Don't let the zombies attack you!

Go through the exit doors in Dead Land Adventure 2

The exit doors are always at the end of the road. Just like Super Mario Bros, the ninja character must overcome many difficulties and enemies to reach the destination in this game.

Kill zombies

Dead Land Adventure 2's zombies are always walking around the map. They will approach your character and hurt him. Each time zombies attack, the ninja will lose a small amount of health. If the health bar runs out, you lose. Use your sword to take out zombies when you're nearby and throw darts when you're far away.

How to open the door?

To open the door you need a key. However, you need round gems in this game. As long as you collect all these gems, the door will automatically open. In addition, the coins are also very useful for you. Don't forget to collect them.