Musical Numbers with the BuffyCats

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Play a game and enjoy music at the same time

Musical Numbers with the BuffyCats will bring various songs to you. You will become a talented pianist and try to complete a song without missing any rhythm.

Your instrument is very unique because it was made from the teeth of a big cat. You need a quick finger to click on the keys to make a great song. The number on the bottom of the screen will show your points. How many points can you get? If you miss many rhythms, you can't get a high score. This game is a good method to practice the children's agility and music hobby. Moreover, children also can play many puzzle games such as Woodoku or Spider-Man Epic Battles. These games can help them relax and enhance some skills.

The rules in Musical Numbers with the BuffyCats

You will see a piano and many colorful bubbles will fall down. They will fall onto the keys and you need to click on them. You must click or tap on the keys which include the falling bubbles. If these bubbles move through the line, you miss them. Therefore, you must reflex very quickly to conquer this music game.

How to play the unique piano

Musical Numbers with the BuffyCats is playable on mobile devices or desktops, so you can play piano in two ways. You just need to tap on the screen if you use a mobile. On PC, you can click the left mouse button to play. According to me, playing on touch devices is more convenient than on a PC because you can use two fingers to play piano. If you just use one mouse to click, it's quite slow.