Spider-Man Epic Battles

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Take part in Spider-Man Epic Battles

Spider-Man Epic Battles turn you into one of the superheroes of the Marvel. You need to repeat the sequence to launch the attack. Now, let's defeat enemies!

You have to face many different enemies such as hydro man, venom, etc. To get the victory, you have to have good memorization. Sometimes, you have to repeat the sequence or match the same titles, and so on. If you don't have a great memory, this game is really challenging for you. However, it also can help you practice your brain. Moreover, you must solve many puzzles in this game. Besides, Helix Jump also can enhance your skills.

Choose one of three modes in Spider-Man Epic Battles

To be suitable for all players, this game is created with three modes. They are easy, normal, and hard modes. You should start this game with easy mode first. In this mode, the difficulty level will be decreased. For example, you have to repeat fewer sequences at the first level. In all levels, if you can solve the puzzle or repeat the order in a short time, your character will be attacked.

How to attack Monsters in Spider-Man Epic Battles

In this game, you won't use the arrow keys to move and hit the opponents. You have to complete some missions to attack

Repeat sequence

You will look at the trips which will glow. Then, remember the order of them and click on them to repeat. From that, you can hit the opponents. Of course, if you repeat wrong, the game will end.

Match the title

Spider-Man Epic Battles allows you to see all the tiles and then they are turned over. You will remember the tile's position and match two identical titles together.

Match 3 or more in the straight row

You will change the title position to make three or more titles into a row. Matching 3 before the timer runs out to attack. The enemy will attack if you can't match 3 or more titles.