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Break the blocks in Woodoku

Challenge your brain with the Woodoku game! You need to clear all wooden blocks in this game. Are you confident with your puzzle-solving skills?

Some blocks are provided under the tables. You need to put them on this table. When these blocks are made into a horizontal or vertical row which is full of the row of the table, they will be destroyed. If there is no place to put other blocks, you will lose. You have to observe the situation and make smart decisions.

Experience three modes in Woodoku

To increase the gameplay's difficulty level, three modes are added to it. They are classic mode, timed, and bomb modes. Each mode will have various features.

Classic mode

You can play this mode for an unlimited time. Let's think carefully to arrange the blocks properly. This mode is the easiest mode in this game. Therefore, I recommend it for children or newbies.

Timed mode

You have to clear the blocks as quickly as possible. This mode requires you to think quickly. You can stop because time will pass. How many points can you get when time runs out?

Bomb mode

With the same gameplay as in Classic Mode, you have to complete the added mission. You must destroy the titles which have bombs. Otherwise, you have to stop the game.

How to play Woodoku

Use the mouse to put the blocks into the right position. When you get stuck, you can click two supports on the left bottom of the screen. You can dig on block or reback your movement.