Home Escape

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Introduction to the Home Escape game

Help the man in Home Escape! You have to unlock the door properly to avoid some dangers behind them. You can level up after the man saves his lover.

This is a combination of a puzzle game and an adventure game. A middle-aged man has to join a short adventure to save his love. Although it is short, there are many traps. Open the doors to reach the destination. The dangerous people and animals behind the doors are willing to attack you if you open their doors. Can you reach the lover's place safely? It's up to your wisdom. There are many other games such as Fish Soccer which require your cleverness.

How to advance the level in Home Escape

In this game, you only proceed to the level when you reach the end of the road. Your love is waiting for you. However, you must solve some problems first.

Escape from danger

You can see many dangers behind the door such as ferocious dogs and scary thieves. As soon as you unlock these doors, they will attack you immediately. The result is you can't come back home with your love. You need to think carefully before drawing the pins to open a door. The key is preventing the danger from accessing you.

Some features of Home Escape

  • It's better to look at the situation carefully before you unlock any doors. Just open the door for you to move!
  • This game can challenge and practice your brain. Besides this game, you can try Fishing Frenzy.
  • There are many levels and the adventures are more complicated in the high levels. How many levels can you pass in this game?