Fish Soccer

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Take part in a football match in the sea

Fish Soccer creates a playground for fish that play football under the water. Score a ball into your opponent's goal! Gaining more points is the way to win.

Playing football on land is too boring because now you can play this sport under the water. The playfield changes but the rules are kept. You need to score more points before time's up. You can play against the CPU in 1-player mode or compete with friends in 2-player. This game can be played at the school as long as your devices connect to the Internet.

Game control

Player 1:

  • WASD keys to move the fish
  • Press T to fish the opponent

Player 2:

  • Arrow keys to move the fish
  • Press P to feed the opponent.

The rules in the Fish Soccer game

In this game, you will steer a big fish which plays an important role in the team. You have to use all your skills to beat your opponents.

Score the ball into the net

Kick the ball, and lead the ball to get into the opponent's goal. You will score 1 point each time. The time of the match is 90 seconds for each tournament. When time runs out, the winner is the team that gets more points. One more thing, your team will have two small fish footballers. You can cooperate with them to defeat the enemy team.

Disturb your opposite team

You can feed the opponents to disturb them. When food falls into the playground, the small fish of the opponent team will eat it and don't pay attention to the match. Then, you will have more time and space to score points. Of course, your enemies can feed you back, so be careful! Playing sports, solving puzzles or fishing are always great ways to relax. After you play the sport in Fish Soccer, you can solve the puzzles in Apple Worm and fish in Let's Go Fishing.