Fishing Frenzy

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Information about this game

Fishing Frenzy is the best way to relax. Let's jump on the boat and hold a fishing rod to catch as many fish as you can. Come and enjoy this fun game!

You don't need to spend hours fishing in the Fishing Frenzy game. For a few seconds, you can capture one or two fish. Of course, hooking two fish isn't easy. You have to estimate the distance and the movement of two fish at the same time. The game has simple controls which are suitable for all age groups. You can even play this online game when you are moving.

Fishing Frenzy gameplay

Catch fish to earn points

A lot of colorful fish appear under the water. When you get on fish, you can gain 100 points. Although each fish has a different appearance, their value is the same. This game won't be as easy as you think. These fish will move very quickly. You need to hook them at the right time. Remember the hook must be on their mouths. You can move the boat to the new area which has more fish. Don't stay in one position because you can miss many big fish. Sometimes, you can see a big shark. Don't think that you can catch it because it's very big and dangerous. It will eat all the fish in the way that it swims. Then, there are no fish for you to get points. It's better to move to a new area if you encounter a shark.

Reach the target points before time's up

Besides paying attention to fishing, you need to look at the time. Following the time on the screen is important. The time isn't unlimited. So, you need to earn enough points to complete a level. If the time is too short while the target scores are too high, you can collect some time clocks. These clocks can help you lengthen time. These features make Fishing Frenzy more challenging than Tiny Fishing. You can fish for an infinite time in Tiny Fishing while you have to catch fish as quickly as you can in this game.

List some help in Fishing Frenzy

The sea does not only have marine creatures, but you also can see some other items. They will float gradually on the sea's surface and you need to use your boat to collect them. Just let the boat touch the items to collect them. These items will help you much in fishing. Now, let's explore what they are!

  • Bombs: They can cause an explosion in a certain area. The fish in this area can be killed and you still get some points. However, the scores you gain aren't as high as the score you hook the fish. The shark also is destroyed because of the bombs' power. They are limited, so you need to use them effectively.
  • Time clocks: If you get these clocks, the time is added. At that time, you can fish more creatures. Don't miss any time clocks!
  • Worms: You need bait to fish. In Fishing Frenzy, baits are worms. However, the game only offers some worms at the beginning. So, you need to collect by yourself if the worms run out. They are in bubbles floating to the top.

Use the keyboard to hook fish

  • Use the left and right arrows to move left and right
  • Press the down arrow to release the hook
  • Press the spacebar to use bombs.

With these controls and impressive graphics, Fishing Frenzy unblocked the school.