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About Hole.io

Hole.io gives players a great playground with many unique features. This is possibly one of the most unique multiplayer games in the world. Have fun!

Control the hole in Hole.io

You won't become a warrior in this multiplayer game. You will play as a hole that can get all things along the way into it. You have to compete with many other players. Try your best to eat as many objects as you can. The game is a great way to kill time or relax after a long day. You aren't alone in this game because there are many other players. You can play in a team or solo when you select the different modes. Select your favorite maps and modes, then let's start this game!

The rules in Hole.io

In the beginning, your size is too small. At that time, you can't eat big objects. Therefore, you must move around to find smaller objects than your hole. When the hole reaches a big size, you can collect more objects in the area. When you become the biggest hole, you can eat anything on the way. You can even kill the other hole by collecting them. However, you can kill the holes which are smaller than your hole. You have to run away from the bigger hole to avoid being destroyed. The hole can move quickly when it is small. However, it moves very slowly when it is big. You can encounter many simple controls in games like Geometry Dash RM or Let Me Eat.

Some modes in Hole.io

This game offers 4 main modes to you. They are classic, battle royale, teams, and solo runs.

  • In classic mode, your mission is to get the best score in 2 minutes. The more objects you get, the more points you gain.
  • You have to be the last hole in Battle Royale mode. It means that you can kill other holes to be the last survivor.
  • If you want to play in a team, you can choose Team modes. Each team will have some members and your team will battle with another team. Which team will get the highest score?
  • Final mode is solo run. You must eat 100% of the map in 2 minutes. Of course, you have to be big to complete this mission.

Some notes in Hole.io

  • The game also provides many maps to players such as the city, medieval, Japan, Farm, and Western. etc. Each map has a different background and objects. That won't make you bored.
  • Moreover, you can change the skins off the hole. There are two kinds of skins which are standard and flags. Some skins are available and some are locked. You have to finish some achievements to unlock them. The achievements can be eaten by 15 policemen, winning first place 20 times, etc. Can you open all the skins?
  • On the main menu, you can see some given missions such as eating 20 horses on the Farm map or eating 15 tractors on the Industrial map. You can complete them to get some rewards.