Geometry Dash RM

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Geometry Dash RM is a slide-and-jump game where you have to ensure a square is safe. The game offers thousands of obstacles. Can you defeat all modes?

Now, let's explore some information you may not know about Geometry Dash RM. This fan-made version doesn't have as eye-catching graphics as the original installment. However, the obstacles and deadly traps will challenge your brain. Even the distance between the obstacles also makes you confused. Geometry Dash RM is developed by Arabask and you can call this game by another name - Geometry Dash Remastered. How many percentages can you finish in each mode?

How to win the Geometry Dash RM game

Like the Go Up Dash game, you must avoid all traps and obstacles on the road. Click the left mouse to jump. You should click the mouse at the right time to overcome the obstacles. Besides obstacles and traps, you also need to jump over the stairs on the road. Some springs can push your square automatically. If you collide with one of them, your square will be broken. Then, you must restart the game. Don't worry, the more time you replay, the more experience you get. Your character has infinite lives, so you can replay even a hundred times. Remember the traps you get into trouble and then find a solution for it on the next try. To win the game, agility, and observation are necessary. Of course, the game can improve these skills for you. Moreover, you also can practice your brain with Home Escape.

Geometry Dash RM modes

The game has five modes to select. They are Awakened Dream, To The Horizon, Weird Zone, Made of Scrap, and Descent. Each mode has unique features and challenges. You can choose one of five available modes and don't need to unlock them. It sounds interesting. One more thing, to finish each mode, you must complete it 100% of the way. You can see your process on the top of the screen. The difficulty of each mode also is different. Awakened Dream mode is easy while To The Horizon and Weird Zone have medium difficulty. If you want to challenge yourself, Made of Scrap (hard mode) and Descent (harder mode) are for you.

Some attractive things about Geometry Dash RM

As with other geometry dash games, this game has easy gameplay. The game is suitable to relax because you can enjoy excellent music while playing the game. The music is heavily invested in the game. Each mode brings to you different songs such as Viking arena, Within a dream, the seven seas, etc. How many modes can you pass? Sometimes, you can be annoyed because of many retries. Don't give up, the game can improve your patience! You also can explore many other impressive features in other games like Tiny Fishing.