Let Me Eat

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Stay safe and grow up in Let Me Eat

In Let Me Eat, surviving is never easy. You will control a fish in this dangerous environment in this game. Keep eating the smaller fish to be stronger.

The ocean is a place where only powerful fish can live. You will become a fish instead of a fisherman as in Tiny Fishing. Frenzy is the main character in Let Me Eat. In the beginning, he was only a small and weak fish. He can be the meal of any big fish. You need to keep him safe and grow him. How to grow? The smaller fish will be your meals. After absorbing some certain fish, your character can be bigger. That is the only way to exist in the big ocean. Can you be on top of the food chain and eat others?

Ways to be bigger in Let Me Eat

Eat other fish

When Frenzy's size increases, his food chain is also diverse. The Frenzy isn't the smallest fish, so he has a chance to power up. Weaker fish are your food which can lengthen your size. At the first level, you can easily catch the food. However, the tiny fish can dodge you, making the game more difficult in later levels.

Follow the growth

You can see a growth bar on the screen showing the fish's development process. When your fish consumes a certain amount of fish, its size will change. From that, it is able to eat some bigger fish. Only when the process bar is full, you can eat any fish you want on the screen.

Avoid bigger fish

To exist and hunt other fish, you must ensure your life fish first. You can capture the tiny fish, and the huge fish can catch you. That is nature's rule. That is the reason why you should dodge dangerous fish. Wriggling through space is a necessary skill. You often have to fight for food with these dangerous fish, so be careful. You will lose as soon as your fish dies.

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How many stages are there in Let Me Eat?

There are 40 stages in this game. Moreover, you can unlock attack time mode after you pass all stages.

What is Let Me Eat?

It's an arcade game and your mission is to eat the smaller fish to become bigger. Of course, you will be a weak fish at the start of the game.

How to install Let Me In On Mac?

You don't need to install it because you can enjoy this game directly on the website.

What is Let Me Eat Feeding Frenzy?

It's stage 2 where you come across a school of minnows, and there aren't any predators in sight. You need to eat all these fish before time's up.

How to control Frenzy?

There are two options for you. You can use the arrows or swipe the mouse to navigate the fish. You can change control anytime by pressing the "Menu" button (On the top left of your screen). If you play on a mobile device, just swipe on the screen. This simple control is the same as in Fishing Frenzy.