Hero Rescue

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A hero needs your help in Hero Rescue

Hero Rescue gives you a chance to encounter a hero. He is arrested in various castles. Let's solve puzzles to find the treasure and save a princess.

Hero isn't perfect and sometimes he needs help. You will pull the pins out to drop something into the floor. After drawing these pins, the gold may fall into the. However, if you make a wrong decision, you may face dangerous monsters or lava. The princess is in the castle, let's rescue her! You just need to open the pins to let the hero access her. From that, the beautiful princess is safe. Don't forget to try other games such as Green Island: Land of Fire and G-Switch 3 on our website.

Steps to help the hero in the game Hero Rescue

Your hero may be in various challenging situations, so you need to understand some steps to rescue the hero.

Consider the situation

Of course, you need to know the problems to handle them. You may understand what the target is at each level. At some levels, you only need to move the treasure to the hero. However, you need to save the princess at other levels. You will look at the castle's terrain, the pins' position, and the obstacles. From that, you will plan a clever strategy. Remember to keep the hero safe in all situations.

Pull the pins

Each level has a variety of issues and you also pull the proper pins. For example, the castle has three floors which are separated by pins. The third floor has one huge rock while the second floor is a moving monster. You wait until the monster moves right under the rock. Then, let's pull the pin to the rock falls on the monster. After that, the hero can jump to the first floor to save the princess.