Green Island: Land of Fire

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Welcome to Green Island: Land of Fire

It's time to explore a new land in Green Island: Land of Fire. You will collect enough grass and grow pets. Let's get money coins from cutting grass.

On this island, cutting grass is the main work that can help you earn coins. The grass grows very fast and they are available for you. This game is the best time killer. The game combines stickman games and arcade games. It has 3D graphics which can be seen in the Battle Island game. Try to collect as many coins as you can. Then, you are able to use these coins to discover a new part of the island. Many pets and enemies are waiting ahead.

The tasks of players in Green Island: Land of Fire

Harvest the grass to get coins

You just need to move the character to the area of grass. Then, your stickmen can cut automatically. You can see a power bar which is on the left of the screen. When it is full, your character can rotate like a whirlwind. From that, he can get more grass. After you collect a lot of grass, you can come to the coins carbon. Changing the grass into coins is possible in this cabin.

Collect and upgrade your pets

On the way, you may get some pets or pet eggs. Then, you can build a pet army. Take your pet to the competition where you can get loot. Of course, you only get useful items if you win. Don't forget to click the attack button on the screen to defeat enemies. To strengthen your pets, don't forget to buy upgrades for their attack, defense, and health for them.

Sign in

In Green Island: Land of Fire, you can sign in to receive some special gifts. Each day will have different rewards. This event will last for seven days. Do you have enough patience? Let's try this game!