G-Switch 3

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Visit the machine world

G-Switch 3 has an impressive background which is set in a strange world. You can see all things are machines, even the road. Let's run to discover this place!

Learn about the G-Switch 3 game rules

Controlling a robot moves through the iron road. The roads of this world are very dangerous because they aren't connected together. They will be spaced apart and you must switch to another side to continue the adventure. You can see two roads which are opposite together. Your robot can change gravity so you can easily switch between these two paths. On each road, you must avoid all obstacles or you will get stuck. If you get stuck for a long time, the game will end.

Three modes in G-Switch 3

You can choose one of three modes to start your run. They have the same feature which is speed. The robot's speed will increase gradually. Now, let's explore these modes:


You will play this mode alone and you need to reach the portal to level up. At some level, to make the game more difficult, Your character is cloned into 2 characters. They will run on different paths with different obstacles. You must control both of them to dodge the obstacles. You also can try to conquer levels of Draw Couple.

Endless mode

Running and running non stop is what you have to do in this mode. There are no levels but the gameplay and target are the same as in the single-mode. Besides, an endless adventure in Flappy Bird won't let you down.

Multiplayer mode

You can invite your friends to enjoy this G-Switch game. The maximum number of players for this mode is 8 people. Each person will navigate a character and each character will be controlled in different ways. You can see instructions when choosing a character.