Hello Kitty Mahjong

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Test your mind with Hello Kitty Mahjong

Hello Kitty Mahjong is a combination of the Kitty character and a mahjong game. The main theme is the adorable cat. Let's clear all tiles on the playfield.

Do you love puzzles and want to challenge your brain as in Threes? This mahjong game is your perfect choice. You will experience the classic mahjong game, but there are some new features. You have to play this game to explore them. You don't like puzzle games and just want to relax. Gold Miner Jack should be your favorite.

Hello Kitty Mahjong gameplay

Your mission is to collect all the pieces on the screen before time runs out. Therefore, you need to be quick. You only can move the tiles which are movable to the left or right. Let's select other pairs immediately if the tiles are blocking because time doesn't wait for anyone.

Overcome stages

This game offers 24 stages for players and the difficulty level will increase gradually. Each new stage will challenge you with a new piece position. It's better to start clear from the top layer to the bottom.

Get the support

When you get stuck, you can note the shiny tiles on the screen. They are the pairs you are finding. However, you shouldn't wait for the hints at all times because it wastes your time. There is another method when you get into some trouble. You can reshuffle the tiles to have new ideas. Good luck to you!