Crowded City.io

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Build your army in Crowded City.io

Crowded City.io will take you to a city where you can see many white stickmen. You need to paint your color into them and you can get a huge army.

In this game, a city will be dominated by colorful armies. You are one of them and your mission is to defeat the other players. When your army has more stickmen than the opposing team, you can beat them. However, you can't destroy a bigger army than yours. You can play Crowded City.io unblocked at the schools or offices.

How to win Crowded City.io

Collect as many stickmen as possible

To be the king of the city, you must get many warriors in the Crowded City.io game. The white stickmen will join your troop if they turn into your color. Just come close to them to collect them.

Get the stickmen of the losing team

In this game, you not only color the white stickmen, but you also can dominate the other teams. When one player loses, his warrior will join your troop. This is also an effective way to increase the number of stickmen.

Some notes when playing Crowded City.io

  • This game has limited time, so you must expand your community for a certain time. You must have the most warriors before time's up.
  • Changing the color of your stickman is possible. Just select your favorite color and start the game!