Lucky Fisherman

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About Lucky Fisherman

Lucky Fisherman is the best method to clear your mind. Shoot the hook to the fish under the water and pull them into your boat. Then, you will get some cash. You will forget all stress when you turn into a lucky fisherman. You will catch the fish for money. Your mission is to reach the money target and you can experience a new level after that. You are very lucky because there are lots of expensive fish under the water. Now, you just need to aim and catch them.

How to complete the target in Lucky Fisherman

Let's capture as many fish as possible. The big fish are always more worthy than the small fish. The cheap things are plants under the sea. However, the big fish will hide under the plants, so catching them is hard. You must estimate and aim correctly. Moreover, you also spend lots of time pulling a big fish out of the water. Nonetheless, the effort is worth the money you get. You can continue to use your money in the previous level for the next level. This game has the same gameplay as in Gold Miner where you will reel up the gold.

Some items you can buy in the shop

  • Lucky horseshoes will increase the chances of getting something good out of secret chests. It is good for one level only.
  • Energy drinks help the lucky fisherman reel up objects faster on the next level.
  • Golden spawn can make the spaw worth money during the next level.
  • After you have grabbed onto something with your hook, press up the arrow to cut the rope with scissors.