Stick Defenders

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Stick Defenders unblocked

The Stick Defenders game is challenging players in the world. You have to protect your region from enemies. Merging the warriors to have a powerful army.

You can enjoy this game on your mobile or desktop anywhere without blocking. However, you need to ensure an Internet connection to keep your region safe. Your region will be covered by a barricade which can be destroyed by enemies. Therefore, you need to command the soldiers to shoot the enemies before they can touch the barricade. The opponents will attack in waves. Can you prevent their waves until the end? You don't like war, so why don't you try the arcade games like Tiny Fishing, Let's Go Fishing, etc.

Steps to kill foes in Stick Defenders

There are two steps to destroying all enemies. They are merging the soldiers and putting them behind the barricade. To clear all foes, your army must be strong and crowded.

Combine the weak stickmen

Each stickman will have their level. You need to merge two stick men who have the same level together. After that, you have a new stickman with a higher level. From that, you will build your army gradually with high levels. Of course, a high-level warrior can kill enemies more quickly than others.

Take the warriors into battle position

When you own powerful soldiers, you must put them behind the barrier. Then, they will shoot any foes who want to access your region. You have to guarantee each position has a warrior.

How to get the victory in Stick Defenders

In this game, you have to note some things to destroy all enemy waves. After clearing all foes, you can advance the level. These can help you improve your army and defeat more opponents.

Upgrade often and quickly

You need to use your coins to buy some upgrades for warrior damage, recruit damage. Moreover, recovering the barrier is necessary after it suffers a huge attack.

Use the other weapons

The Stick Defenders game provides some effective weapons such as rockets, bombs and poison. However, they need time to recover.