Electron Dash

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Introduction to Electron Dash

Electron Dash is set in a large universe that contains a special tube. You need to run in this tube. How long can you keep running in this game?

This is an endless game, so you can't stop the character until he hit the obstacles. In the galaxy, you have to face many traps. Let's dodge them as quickly as possible. The longer you move, the more problems you have to solve.

What you need to do in Electron Dash

Your main objective is to keep your astronaut safe. Many deadly traps like lasers and gaps prevent you from completing the mission. Through this game, you can improve your skills or show off your skills. Don't be hesitant! Many different problems are waiting for you in this game.

Jump, and rotate to avoid obstacles

The astronaut can jump very high, so you can easily overcome the gaps. Besides gaps, the laser beams will block the tube horizontally or vertically. In times like this, you can only move left or right to avoid these lasers. The success key to these actions is to be at the right time.

Collect hearts in Electron Dash

Each heart is life. Therefore, the game will be over if you run out of heart. You will lose one heart when you hit the laser beam or fall into the gaps. You can collect these hearts along the way. The speed of character is very fast, so it's hard to get a heart. How many hearts can you take?

Game control

You will use AD keys and left/right arrows to move left or right. When you want to jump, let's press the spacebar or up arrow. This simple control reminds me of the game Geometry Dash Lite. In that game, you will control a geometry instead of an astronaut.