Draw Couple

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Solve puzzles in Draw Couple

Draw Couple can practice your brain with many fun situations. You aim to draw something to tackle an issue and make characters happy. Good luck to you!

Our characters always encounter complex cases to solve. They can handle problems, so they need your help. You only need the mouse to complete the missions. You will draw what they want. For example, a girl with one broken flip-flop is unhappy. You will swipe the mouse to repair the flip-flop. This game sometimes makes you laugh because of the happening situations.

Pass all the levels in Draw Couple

There are 18 levels in this game. For some pro players, 18 levels are very easy. However, this game may be a challenge for the children. They can help them improve their logical thinking. Besides this easy game, we also offer Avatar Game for you. Let's see what tips to overcome all levels.

Observe the situation

Of course, you must understand what problem you have to tackle. For example, a girl is standing in the rain and is holding an umbrella handle. Well, she doesn't have a complete umbrella. Therefore, based on the environment and the clues, you need to finish that umbrella. Don't draw a hat, pls!

Unlimited ink

In some drawing games, players only have some certain ink for each level. However, everything changed in this game. You can draw without running out of ink. Thus, sometimes, you have to fill in the object you just drew.

How to control

You can use the mouse and hold and drag it to move. What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy this fun game!