Flappy Bird

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Flap a bird in Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is challenging many players in the world. Many gamers give up on some first tries. You just need to control the bird. What makes the game difficult?

You have a chance to experience the retro graphics which can take you to the classic game. Many gamers consider Flappy Bird one of the most difficult games in the world. You will help the bird to fly over the green tubes. The position of the tubes is a main factor that can challenge any skillful player. Now, let's walk through the gameplay of it!

The rules in Flappy Bird

You must remember one thing which is to keep the bird safe. If you hit any tube or fall into the land, you will lose this game.

Wriggle through the tubes

The green tubes are created on the land and in the sky. You can see the tube of two different positions will be opposite together. There is a small gap between them, so you need to fly through them cleverly. The pairs of tubes are put close which can make you give up. Don't worry! You may get used to the game's speed and gameplay after many tries. You also can promote your skills with simple games like Geometry Dash RM.

Control the bird cleverly and quickly.

You can click the mouse to fly up and release it to fall down. Let's estimate the gap location and move your bird to the middle of the gap. If you can do this successfully, you can conquer this game.