Let's Go Fishing

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Play the Let's Go Fishing game

Let's Go Fishing is an arcade game in which you can enjoy a relaxing time. Catching fish with the hook is your mission in this fun game. Let's enjoy it!

Fishing is never simple as in this game. If you have ever played Ice Fishing, you can find this game is too easy for you. Waiting for a long time isn't required in this game. Capturing one fish for a few seconds is possible. The difficulty of this game is the accuracy. It means that you have to hook the correct target for each fishing time. Otherwise, you will lose one hook.

How to get as many scores as possible in Let's Go Fishing

This game isn't too difficult because children can also join this game. In this game, you can't see a fisherman. Just one hook appears on the top of the screen.

Throw the hook at the right time

This hook will swing continuously and the fish swim quickly under the water. Thus, you have to look carefully to estimate the distance between the fish and the hook. When the fish come close to the hook's position, let's click the left mouse button to catch it. Don't drop the hook down if the fish are too far.

Choose the worthy fish

Various fish swim under the water. Some are big and some are small. In Tiny Fishing, big fish are always more valuable than small ones. However, catching the small fish in this game can get more points. Of course, these fish aren't easy to hook with their tiny size and quick speed. You may get 300 or even 500 scores if you can fish one. In this game, there isn't limited time. Therefore, you have a chance to look carefully and hook the right time.

The problems you have to face in Let's Go Fishing

Limited hooks

Although you have infinite time to play a match, your hooks are limited. You have a total of 5 hooks. After you miss a fish, you will lose one hook. Until you run out of hooks, the game will be over. Therefore, make sure you catch a fish every time you drop the hook in the water.

Reduce the fish in the sea

At the beginning, you can see a lot of fish. So, fishing is easier. However, the amount of fish will decrease gradually. Furthermore, their speed also increases significantly. These features make the game more challenging later. How many fish can you capture? How many points can you get?

Game control

You just need to click the left mouse button to throw the hook. The hook moves from left to right and vice versa. You have to observe its movement to hook the fish. Drop the hook as soon as it's aimed at the fish.