Apple Worm

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Test your IQ with Apple Worm

You will help a worm eat an apple in the game Apple Worm. Looking at the interface, you might think this is a simple game. However, many players gave up.

You just see a green worm, a red apple, and some simple blocks on the screen. Don't forget to observe and make a plan before moving. If the worm falls into space, the game will be over. If the worm is stuck in a corner, you must replay the level. Therefore, many players consider this game as an IQ test.

How to beat levels on Apple Worm

You play the first level and you think it is too easy. That is a mistake. The high levels can make you confused. You have two missions which are to eat the apple and go through a black hole. Before you can slide through that hole, you must consume the apple first. After eating the apple, your worm will be longer. From that, you can reach the exit hole which is far from you. However, it's easy to get stuck or fall, so considering all situations that can happen is a great idea. You can enjoy Apple Worm unlocked right now. Moreover, I recommend some other available games like Fisher Cat Online for you.

Some useful information for you


This game has leaderboards that show off the top players at each level. To be on this leaderboard, you must make the fewest steps and the shortest completion time. It means you can't make many worm movements or spend too much time playing one level.


The game has 29 levels and 1 special level. This level only unlocks when you complete all 29 levels. If you can't solve the problem at a level, you can find help on the Internet. For example, you can search how to beat level 29 on Apple Worm to know the solution.