Fish Eat Fish

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How to become the biggest fish in Fish Eat Fish

Fish Eat Fish turn you into a fish in the deep sea. You have to eat smaller fish to be powerful. Otherwise, you can be a meal of the huge fish.

Eat as much food as possible

To be the most powerful fish, you must be huge. Eating a lot of food can help you grow up. What is your food? It's the smaller fish. In this ocean, only powerful fish can survive. In the beginning, you only are a little fish. At that time, your food was only shrimp and plankton. After you consume a certain amount of small creatures, you can lengthen your size. When you are big, medium fish will be your meal. You must keep eating fish to survive and stay safe.

Avoid hitting the huge fish

As I mentioned, you can be killed by the bigger fish. Therefore, you need to wriggle from the dangerous fish. When you are tiny, it's easy to dodge others. However, it will be difficult when your size expands.

Fish Eat Fish for three players

In Let Me Eat, you have to face the danger alone. Don't worry! Fish Eat Fish offers multiplayer modes for you. You can enjoy 2-player or 3-player modes in this game. You and your friends will play this game on one computer together. Let's compete with your friend! Who will be bigger? Moreover, you can choose different fish and customize the color. Choose your favorite color and start the game

Game control

This game offers multiplayer modes, so there are many different controls.

  • Player 1: use arrow keys
  • Player 2: use the WASD keys
  • Player 3: use the mouse.