City Z: Zombies in the City

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What happens in City Z: Zombies in the City

The apocalypse is happening because humans are infected by a dangerous virus. All the people turn into zombies that can attack any living person. You are the final person in the city Z. There is no police or law which can protect you. To survive, you only can pick up weapons and kill the zombies. The most hazardous places are the city with crowded citizens. It's time to show off your skills. How long can you survive?

Ways to survive in City Z: Zombies in the City

You have to face tons of dangers in the city. You always are the target of terrible zombies. Let's move cleverly and beat the zombies.

Kill zombies with your guns

You will own seven guns and you can switch to another weapon by clicking the number buttons. The guns have limited ammo, so you need to find and collect more ammo. If you run out of bullets, you should run away. You can aim the zombies with target points. It's better to shoot at the zombies' bodies instead of their heads.

Move smoothly and smartly

Don't let zombies touch you because your blood-bar will decrease after each touch. You can see your HP through the bar on the left bottom of the screen. You can run and shoot at the same time. You can follow the time on the screen. Let's try to survive longer in the next play.

The rules to success in City Z: Zombies in the City

  • This game provides full-screen mode which can help you aim and shoot accurately.
  • Let's make sure each bullet is shot into the zombie. Don't waste any bullets!
  • In case this game makes you scared, you can try fun games such as Spiral Roll and Hello Kitty Mahjong.