Spiral Roll

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Wood shavings in Spiral Roll

You become a skilled carpenter in Spiral Roll. With one sharp knife, you will make pieces of wood that are spiral-shaped. It will break any barriers on the way.

On the screen, you can see a knife and some wood logs. You just touch the knife on these logs to planer them. Your knife will always move forward, so you just need to click the left mouse button to put down the knife. The pieces of wood which are shaved off will be rolled up. This game is a great method to clear all your stress.

What you face on the way

Although this Spiral Roll has very easy gameplay, there are some challenges on the way. Besides, you also can get some interesting things.

The obstacles on the road

There are many dangerous things that can break your knife. They can be the saws. When the saws are oncoming, it's better to put your knife up. Moreover, some walls always stand in your way. Let's make huge wooden spirals to destroy them.

Valuable coins

In addition to the obstacles, you also can encounter many coins. You can move the knife through them to collect them. Furthermore, the wood spirals also can get them.

How to control

Let's click and hold the left mouse button to shave the wood logs and release the mouse to put the knife up. This game has simple controls as in Hello Kitty Mahjong, so children are allowed to enjoy Spiral Roll.