Candy Crush

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Immerse yourself in candy world

Candy Crush is designed with a colorful background which can attract many players of many ages. Clearing all tasty candies is your main mission in this game.

The game has various levels which can challenge any pro gamers in the world. Each level you have to complete a special mission. For example, you have to Change the position of the candy to complete your task. This game is a popular game in the world. In the past, you must install it on your device to play. However, now you can play it online. It sounds great!

The gameplay of Candy Crush

The rules of this game may be very familiar with many gamers. However, we still have a quick overview about it.

Collect the necessary candies

Your missions can change at each level. However, combining the candies will never change. To complete your task, you need to change the candies' position. The same candies lying in a horizontal or vertical row can be destroyed. However, you must make sure the number of candies in the row is greater than or equal to 3. If you combine 4 or more candies, you will create special candies. These candies can help you crush sweets in a huge area. From that, you can get more points and easily finish the mission with less movements.

Utilise the items

You will collect different items which can support you. For example, the magical hand can help you change two candies together. You will discover more items when you unlock new levels.

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