Farm Merge

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Turn into a farmer in Farm Merge

Farm Merge gives you a chance to develop your farm. You need to do a lot of work on the farm. You need to work hard to expand your farm and get many coins.

This game provides various farm jobs to players. They have to capture the cows, feed them, grow plants or collect milk. These tasks will be very interesting for people who don't know much about the countryside. The green grass and blue water will unwind your mind. You also can experience becoming a supermarket employee in Supermarket Dash.

The works of a farmer in Farm Merge

Do you know exactly what to do on this farm? If not, you should follow this introduction first.

Capture the animal to the farm

At the beginning, you will tie the dairy cows and bring them back to the corral. Of course, you do not only get the cows, but you also have to catch other animals such as pigs. Let's make your farm crowded! Don't forget to feed them! You need to buy seeds, then grow them to get grass. The grass is the food of the animals.

Merge the animal

You can level up your animal by combining two same animals together. The high level animal will produce more products than low-level animals. Capture many animals is the great way to get many coins.

Tips to work effectively in Farm Merge

  • To expand your farm and get more animals, you should buy skills upgrades. You can upgrade your velocity and role capacity. If the farm is too large, you hire more workers. From that, you can be idle.
  • The animals are available and you don't need to pay money for them. Therefore, you just need to tie them and take them to the corral.