Steal the Diamond

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Turn into a thief in Steal the Diamond. You planned a detailed strategy for any situation. Now, you just need to choose the suitable equipment or solution.

This game was based on an action and puzzle game. Therefore, quick control and smart are retired in this game. You have to make the proper decision to solve the problems. Of course, you need to keep your character safe first. When you steal the diamond, you can visit Battle Island. You will play a new role and you have to fight with many skillful opponents in that game.

How to get the victory in Steal the Diamond

This game has impressive graphics which are very simple and attractive. You will offer some options for each situation. At that time, you need to observe all things and guards around to make the right decision. Sometimes, you don't have much time to think. Just have a quick think and choose! If you fail with your choice, you can reback or retry to select once again. You can experience each choice until you pass the level. Be careful with many guards who protect the diamond. Remember to get the diamond by all means.

Get medal for different ways in Steal the Diamond

There isn't only one way to steal the diamond. You can finish your mission with various methods. There are three happy endings for you: Aggressive (win the aggressive way), Undetected (win the undetected way) and Epic (win the epic way). Which way will you end this game? In this game, you will be up to the situations to control the character. To make the decision, just click the left mouse button.