Bartender The Right Mix

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Make cocktail in Bartender The Right Mix

Turn into a bartender in Bartender The Right Mix! You need to make the best cocktail in this game. Just mix the ingredients together and then shake it!

If you love dispensing beverages, you can't ignore this game. You will own a bar full of wine and different liquids such as Tequila Zero, Kahlua Zero, Vodkla Zero, and so on. You need to find out the best recipe for the best cocktail. Of course, you will fail with some recipes. Don't give up! No pain no gain. You will get some suggestions after each failure. Our website also provides other games such as Body Race and Silly Ways To Die when you are bored with cocktails.

Mix the liquid together

There is no specific recipe for a cocktail, so you need to make it. Let's choose some liquid on the bar, then pour them into the dispensing cup. Don't forget some ice and lemon next to you. Then, shake the mixture up! After that, serve it!

How to use keyboards to create a cocktail

You just click and hold the left mouse button on the pour button to add. Then, click and hold on to the shake button to shake it up. Finally, click on the serve button to pour it into the glass.

Some notes in Bartender The Right Mix

  • You can click once again on the serve button to know how good your cocktail is. The bartender will try it and you can experience his fun expression after drinking. He will give some clues for you after that. Let's improve your drinks!
  • The capacity of the dispensing cup is limited, so you can't pour all kinds of liquid into it.
  • If you are a newbie, you should mix a few liquids instead of too many types of ingredients.