Body Race

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Body Race will make many women's dreams come true. Losing and gaining weight is very easy in this game. You even can lose dozens of pounds with some vegetables.

Stay healthy in this fun game

Keeping fit is always hard in this game or in real life. You need to keep a balance between vegetables and junk food. If you just eat vegetables and do exercise all time, your character will be very thin. Of course, too thin can't reach the standard of this game. Contrary, eating only fast food such as burgers, sandwiches, and soft drinks will cause the overweight. These rules make the game more challenging for all players.

Steps to be fit in Body Race

There are many vegetables, exercise equipment, and fast food on the way. They will help your character lose weight. Fast food is scattered among the healthy foods. However, junk food appears more than healthy food. Therefore, it's easy to be fat. You can look at the body of the character to know what she needs. A chubby body is a great body to overcome any level. You will control the character's move from left or right to collect food and exercise equipment.

Simple control in Body Race

Just click, hold, and drag the mouse button to move the character. At some level, you can meet a princess or get some new clothes at the end of the road. Good luck to you!