Silly Ways To Die

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Save the life in Silly Ways To Die

Silly Ways To Die brings many silly deaths and you need to save the character from these deaths. You need to observe the situation and give the proper plan.

Are you ready to save the main character in many silly situations in this game? This is a fun puzzle game and it requires your quick thinking. The character is always in the danger and you need to save him before he dies. You can use the mouse to play this game. Of course, you need to solve the problems as quickly as possible.

Some problems you have to face in Silly Ways To Die

You may not imagine that death will happen in this fun game. Your character will have three lives. If all lives run out, you must restart the game. For example, the character is chased by a huge bear. What should you do when the bear is coming close to your character? Let's jump on its back. Each time you pass a challenge, you will get 100 points. How many points can you get in this game?

How to control

In all situations, you just need to use the mouse to play this game. You also can ask your friends' help if the game is too difficult or you can visit an easier game. That's Reel Good Time.

Tips and tricks to conquer Silly Ways To Die

  • You can see some clues before starting a level. You may see a "faster" clue at some level. It means your finger needs to be quick or your character can be hurt.
  • You need to keep your device always connected to the internet because you play online this game on our website.