Zuma Mystic India

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Intro of Zuma Mystic India

Zuma Mystic India is a puzzle game where you have to shoot the same color balls together. You must prevent the balls move into the hole in this game.

Attractive graphics

You can see many colorful balls. The game is set up in India and you can see a grey elephant. The game will bring you to India with many unique cultures.

Relax your mind

You won't join the battles as in Smash Karts or the basketball tournament as in Basketball Stars. However, this game can help you release your mind. After school or work, you just need to play this game to entertain.

How to play Zuma Mystic India

A lot of balls will appear on a string and your elephant has balls. You need to shoot these balls at the string. Make sure of matching 3 or more of the same color to pop them. You can find any matching balls with the ball on the elephant. Now, let's touch the elephant to change the color of the ball you're shooting. Score extra points for chains, combos, and coins. Time isn't infinite. If the timer ends or balls reach the end of the string, it is game over.

Game control

To control the balls' direction, let's swipe the mouse. As soon as you aim correctly the identical balls, click the left mouse button to shoot.