Zombie Tsunami Online

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Zombie Tsunami Online gameplay

Turn all humans into zombies in the game Zombie Tsunami Online. Beware of deadly traps along the way. Collecting coins on the way will be useful.

The world is being invaded by zombies. Every part of the world is severely damaged and people are in danger. The traps to kill zombies appear everywhere. The special thing is that you will not be the last hero or survivor. You will become a green zombie. You will explore the world and bite as many people as you can. Those who are bitten will become zombies like you. From there, you can build a powerful zombie army for yourself. You can wreak havoc on everything on your way with your zombie army. However, you still have to be careful with the deadly human traps. Join the zombie legion now!

Turn people into zombies in Zombie Tsunami Online

Along the way, many people stand on the road. You can directly bite them to turn them into zombies. However, some people will hide in cars, buses, or tanks. To turn them into zombies, you will need enough zombies to destroy these vehicles first. You can see the numbers on these cars. It is the number of zombies you need to destroy them. The harder the cars, the more zombies are needed to destroy them. That's why you have to get lots of zombies.

Overcoming obstacles in Zombie Tsunami Online

You can see hundreds of bombs, giant trash cans, or moving vehicles. They are the obstacles you encounter. The zombies will have to jump over them to not explode or get stuck. If they hit the bomb, one of your zombies will be instantly destroyed. When the number of zombies drops to 0, the game is over. Also, if all zombies fall into the pits, the game will be over. The more zombies you get, the more difficulties you have to face. Controlling a zombie army with more than 10 zombies is very challenging.

Some characteristics in Zombie Tsunami Online

  • The zombies are very cute, so children can also play this game. They can have a relaxing time with this game.
  • This HTML5 game can run directly on the web browser. It means you don't need to install this game. You can experience another HTML5 game on our website that is Catch The Fish.
  • This is an infinite game. Therefore, you can play this game until your zombie army runs out of zombies. Let's have fun!

Use coins in Zombie Tsunami Online

You will see a lot of coins along the way. When you collect them, you can use them to buy a lot of items in the shop like hats, specials, or power-ups. These will help in your adventure. However, specials and power-ups can only be used once. If you want to use them again, you must buy more.

Simple control

  • You just need to click the left mouse button to jump.
  • Hold the mouse to jump higher.