Catch The Fish

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Catch The Fish allows players to enhance their vocabulary and fish at the same time. In this game, your mission isn't only fishing, but you also create words.

In Tiny Fishing, you just need to catch as many worthy fish as possible. However, in the Catch The Fish game, you have to select the correct fish to catch. Pull the little fish out of the water to get points. If you hook the wrong fish, your scores will reduce. Children can play this game to improve their knowledge. The game has adorable characters and fish, so it is completely suitable for children. Besides educating impacts, this game will bring fun to players.

Three modes for any gamers

This is a challenging game, so it will be divided into three modes. They are easy, medium, and hard modes. If you are a beginner, it's better to choose the easy mode. The words of this mode will be simple and the fish's speed also is slow. With weak skill, you can easily to catch the fish. Then, you can enhance your skills with medium mode. The hard mode is only for pro players because the words have many letters. Of course, you must spend a lot of time forming a word in this mode. What are you waiting for? Come and play this game!

The mission of Catch The Fish

Your main target is to fishing and form words. A completed word will appear on top of the fisherman's head. As soon as you see the word, you have to collect fish in the right order to form the correct word. Points will be reduced if you collect the wrong fish. Besides, you should remember that each fish has different letters on their body. Look quick and catch accurately!

How to catch fish online

You just need to press the down arrow or spacebar to throw the fishing hook into the water. The hook must touch the fish you want to capture. These fish will move very quickly, so the right time is a successful key. Moving the boat is possible. If you fail to hook a fish the first time, you can move along the fish to catch it. Sometimes, you can't even get the fish you want. You can wait for a few seconds and it will appear again.

Dodge wrong fish

The fish that contains the word you want to fish will swim in a school of fish. You only have limited time to complete your task, so you need to be quick. Every fish with the wrong letter can decrease your points. Let's try to ensure your points and gain the highest score in a certain time.

Use the keyboards to catch fish

  • Move the boat left and right using the left and right tap buttons or left/right keys or A and D keys on the keyboard.
  • Tap the down button or S key, down arrow, or spacebar key on the keyboard to throw the fish hook and catch the fish.
  • To have the best gaming experience, you should play this game on full screen. You can look at the letters and fish.