Zombie Defense

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Protect the city from zombies

Many zombies attack your city in Zombie Defense. Now, your need to lead your army to kill all zombies. Collects coins and takes the best soldiers to the war!

The world is destroyed and dominated by zombies. You are the leader of a strong army. Let's show off your strategy thinking by clearing all zombies. Be careful when zombies also have their troops as you. They also protect their base very carefully and you need to find a way to destroy zombies' base. This game is one of many fun games on our website. You will have a chance to control a cute snake in the Gowmi game.

How to get victory in Zombie Defense

Build your strong troops

In this game, the workers will collect coins that are used to produce soldiers. When you get enough coins, you can click on the type of soldiers to summon stick soldiers. You should consider which soldiers are taken out first and which soldiers should be summoned after that. Strong and melee fighters should be brought out first. After that, you should put the warriors who can shoot from a distance after the previous class.

Destroy enemies' base

You can see the base of the zombies which is protected by other zombies. As soon as you break the line of defense of zombies, let's attack directly on the base. The base is destroyed, and you will get a new level. Get ready for the battle!