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Help Growmi

A little snake is caught in a strange portal in the Gowmi game. Now, she needs to escape from that by collecting the stars. Many levels are waiting for you.

After going through the portal, the Growmi snake loses in a complex maze that contains hundred of dangers. She will utilize her long body to crawl over the stairs and gaps. Sometimes, you must solve some problems because the length of the snake is limited. Not every distance she can slip through easily. She needs your help. Let's show off your skills!

Ways to find the exit in Growmi

Body lengthening to overcome obstacles

As you know, a snake always has a long body that can help it slide over gaps and obstacles. However, to the too long distance, you need some tricks to pass over. Try all ways to take the snake to reach the end of the road and catch the stars. If you can't define the star's position, it's better to open the map. It locates on the left corner of the screen.

Use the objects around

Non-random items appear just for decoration in this simple game. They all have certain roles. For example, a wooden crate is used as a platform to help the snake reach a height that it cannot crawl. Of course, you need to move this crate to a suitable place to use it. There is another simple game called Bubble Queen Cat for everyone on our website.