Wrestle Bros

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Participate in intense wrestling matches

Wrestle Bros turns you into the most powerful wrestler. Your task is to defeat the opponents in the arena. Prove you're a wrestling legend! Good luck!

I'm sure you've seen wrestling matches on TV or on the phone. Now you will become a real wrestler. You will control characters inspired by famous wrestlers. You will have to fight many rounds until you or your opponent win. Alternatively, you can join a multiplayer game like Bonk.io after you rule this game.

How to play Wrestle Bros

Your ultimate mission is to defeat the enemy. To win, you not only drain your opponent's HP but you also have to pin him or her to the floor within 3 seconds. Then you will win

Unleash the attacks

You need to attack continuously when approaching the enemy. Move flexibly from left to right or jump up to dodge attacks. When your opponent is knocked unconscious for a few seconds, you can hold the spacebar to do a body slam. When your opponent's HP is low, do a double jump to pin him in the background. After 3 seconds, you will be the winner. You need to attack fast and deal a lot of damage over time for each limited battle.

Choose game modes

You can join this game with many different modes. Invite your friends and also fight each other in 2 players in the same PC mode. In addition, you will fight any opponent in Tournament mode. Don't forget the online game mode where you can become the host of an arena or join other online arenas.