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Battle of the balls

Bonk.io is a multiplayer game where you must beat your opponents. Become the last survivor at the end of the round to get the victory. Are you ready?

You can see army or warrior battles. Have you ever seen the ball battle? You will control a ball to compete with others. You must reach the end of the road and become the final survivor. This game is very relaxing. For more entertaining games, you can experience Slice it All.

Tutorial to play Bonk.io

This game isn't too familiar to some players. Therefore, they need some guidance here.

Reach the end of the round

You will move your ball forward. For the barriers or high platforms, you need to jump the ball and overcome them. You must be the last player alive at the end of a round to win this game. Don't touch anything black to survive on the level. They can break your ball with one touch. Sometimes, your ball needs to reach a high position, you can use the springs to jump higher. Before hitting another player, you must make the ball heavier. You can have more momentum going into a collision to make more damage.

Game control

  • Use arrow keys to move.
  • Press the up arrow to jump higher.
  • Hold up while rising and hold down while falling to bounce higher
  • Hold X to make yourself stronger.
  • Hold Z to start drawing an arrow, then use left and right to aim.