World's Hardest Game

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Play the hardest game

World's Hardest Game is challenging any pro players worldwide. To complete a level, you need to move a cube through tons of deadly objects on the road.

The terrain will change after one level. Of course, the obstacles will appear more at the higher levels. You must ensure your cube stays away from the circles. With one touch, your cube will break immediately. Observe the movement of circles and move the cube smartly.

Three modes in World's Hardest Game

When you click on the play game button or the load game button, you will play a random level. It means you will don't know what are you getting into. You also can select the levels in level select mode. Unlocking the level one by one isn't necessary for this mode.

Control the cube in World's Hardest Game

The main target is to take the cube to the destination. To reach this finish line, you have to pass over many deadly circles on the road. These circles even can move quickly. Look at all of them and make a suitable plan. You need to find the spaces to move your cube into. Then, you must move immediately when the circles come close to you. This game is too hard for you. Pirates: The Match 3 is an easier choice for you.