Pirates: The Match 3

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Complete different missions in Pirates: The Match 3

Pirates: The Match 3 brings you to the adventure of pirates. You need to finish various tasks to move to the next place. Let's match the gems to complete them.

The game doesn't offer only one mission as in Beat Shooter. You may clear all tiles, get certain points, and so on in this game. This feature makes this game unique. To enhance the game's difficulty, players must finish a task in a given time. With colorful gems and easy gameplay, you will love this game at first play. Besides, this game has two stages which are pirate Bay and Jungle. Pirate Bay stage must be completed to unlock Jungle stages.

Match the identical gems in Pirates: The Match 3

Although the missions of each level will be different, the way to get the victory is the same. In each level, you must match the same-color gems together. They only match when there are three or more same gems in a straight row. You can get some special gems if you can merge four or more same gems together. These specil gems have the power which can destroy different gems in a large area.