What The Hen!

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The battle of warriors and beasts

What The Hen! is a fighting game where you need to use top fighting strategies to defeat your enemies. You will be the commander and leader of the army.

Strange monsters have begun to invade the peaceful countryside. You will be the first warrior against them. In this game, you need to form a powerful army of warriors with different strengths. You need to be level enough to be able to call on these powerful warriors. The cards represent different warriors and each card will be assigned a level. You need to accumulate enough levels in the card to summon that warrior. You need to have a strategy about which warrior to choose first to avoid losing.

How to win in What The Hen!

You will be provided with many cards with different warriors. You will use these cards to summon warriors. You can summon as many warriors as you want as long as you have enough level.

Squad strategy in this game

You need to know the weaknesses and strengths of the soldiers in the army. Strong warriors with good stamina should stand in front and confront the enemy directly. Ranged warriors should stand behind warriors with good endurance. Always remember that soldiers with bows and arrows have low stamina. After you pass a stage, you will receive new warriors. Let's look at their features and decide to place them in the right position.

Level up the warrior

After each victory, you will receive several upgrade cards for each warrior. Once the warriors have enough cards, you can use gold to upgrade them. After that, their speed and strength will also increase significantly. Don't forget to enjoy Murder Mafia where you can become a mafia boss.