Murder Mafia

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Enjoy the fun game

Murder Mafia is a fun assassination game inspired by a famous game. With the characters being mafia, this game will bring you a feeling of suspense.

If you are a fan of online games, you probably know the game Murder. This is a game with simple gameplay but is famous for its unique gameplay. Today, I want to introduce an online game with familiar gameplay but completely different graphics and themes from Murder. In this game, you will have to destroy a mafia boss to become the next boss. All your actions must be done silently to avoid detection. If you are discovered, you will be thrown into jail.

How to play Murder Mafia

Besides assassinating the mafia boss, you also need to maintain your position. After you become a mafia, there will be other assassins who will try to approach and kill your character. What should you do now?

Defeat the boss

You will go behind the target you need to destroy. When he's not paying attention to you, stab him with the knife in your hand. However, if the boss turns to look at you, stop all assassination actions immediately. You need to be quick and patient enough to play this game. The character will need some time to gain momentum and use force to attack the boss.

Keep the character safe

After defeating the boss, you now need to be wary of other assassins. They will do the same thing you did to the previous boss. They will come close behind you to assassinate you. You need to go back to catch their assassination in the act. However, you need to choose a reasonable time to come back otherwise you will not be successful. Some people approach you not for assassination, so you can use your logical thinking to find the assassin.