Tower Defense Clash

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Tower Defense Clash requires you to protect a castle that is threatened by monsters. You arrange and put the fortresses in a suitable position.

This game brings many challenges through the levels in this game. Your mission is not to let the monsters attack the castle. These monsters need to go through a path to get to the castle. You can take advantage of this path to place forts next to the path. Monsters will be destroyed when passing through these fortresses. This is a strategy game that requires your agility and skill. There is another strategy game for gamers which is What The Hen!

Kill all monsters in Tower Defense Clash

Your castle will withstand the attack for a short time. However, if the castle's HP reaches 0, you will lose this game. So, don't let any monsters attack the castle.

Place the fortress

The locations marked on the road are where you can place forts. There will be many types of fortresses with different strengths and weaknesses. For example, the bow and arrow fortress has a fast attack speed but the damage it causes is not much. The most expensive magic fortress but has fast attack speed and great damage. You need to make a lot of money to be able to buy these forts.

Use the special abilities

You will possess some special skills such as slowing down or attacking directly with fire. These two skills take time to recover and use again, so you need to use them wisely. When there are too many monsters, always remember these two powerful skills.