Toca Boca Kiss

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Hide kiss in Toca Boca Kiss

Couples need your help in Toca Boca Kiss. They need to hide their love in front of their friends. You will help them kiss together without being discovered.

This game has very interesting gameplay where a couple must kiss in silence. If any other character sees them, the game will end immediately. Therefore, you will separate two lovers when the others turn to look at them. You do not only help one couple, but also many different couples. Each couple is considered as a stage that has three levels. After finishing one level you will get one heart. You also can experience fun gameplay in Spider-Man Epic Battles which offers many different mini-games at each level.

How to win Toca Boca Kiss

Complete the love bar

On the screen, you can see a bar that can be filled with love. When the two main characters kiss, it slowly is full. After that, your mission is successful. When you complete three levels with three hearts, you can move to new couples.

Don't be saw

The others sometimes will look at the couple. You have to make sure your couple doesn't kiss at that time. Before the other people turn to the couple, you can see a warning on their heads. Let's stop kissing immediately!

Control the character

In this game, to kiss, you just need to click and hold the mouse. Besides, to separate two characters, just release the mouse. This game doesn't have offensive images, so children also can enjoy it.