Timber Guy

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Become a timber in Timber Guy

Your work is to cut the long tree in Timber Guy. The timer isn't infinite, so you must be quick. Don't be hit by many boughs! How many scores can you get?

What's your dream job? Some people like becoming doctors or vests. Even others love to race on dangerous roads in Road Fury. There is another quite dangerous job called woodcutters who cut wood in the forest. Now, you can become an online woodcutter. Let's cut the tree into parts and avoid some boughs.

The Timber Guy gameplay

Cut the tree

You will have a chance to see the longest tree in the world. You even can cut it forever. However, your time is limited. Press the left or right arrows to cut. When you see a branch near your character, you should move to another side. If the branch hit your character, the game will end. With one successful cut, you can get one point. Moreover, a successful cut can help you strengthen the time. Therefore, let's try to cut as fast as possible. Can you make a record in this challenging game?

Cut with the keyboard or the mouse

You can click the left and right buttons or just click the mouse on the side you want to move to. Don't forget to change your favorite character before entering the work. Good luck to you!