Road Fury

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Welcome to the vehicle battle

Fasten seat belts and start the engine in Road Fury now! Your vehicle is equipped with powerful weapons. Let's destroy all other vehicles on the road.

You won't join in normal battles as in Endless Siege. The car fights are waiting for you. Control your car to knock out other vehicles standing in your way. Don't hit them because your car will be broken. Ready for the new challenge!

What are your missions in Road Fury

Knock out any enemies

There are many vehicles on the road. They are preventing you from moving. Let's use your weapons to shoot them. You can see their HP through a red bar. When this red bar runs out, they will explode. You also should follow your HP. It's better to destroy one target before moving to aim at another target. To destroy many cars at the same time, you can fire on the trucks which contain the gunpowder.

Grab coins and items

When one car explodes, some coins and items will drop from that. Let's collect these items because they are very useful for you. They can be coins, HP, or some other engines.

Buy new cars and upgrades

After racing, you will get some certain cash which can be used to purchase something in the shop. You even can change the new car with cash or buy some other items such as shields, weapons, magnets, and so on.